Sandy Brown, Bestselling Author, Life & Relationship Coach

Help for the Wife of a Porn Addict

Stop The Struggle.  Reclaim Your Life.

"Working with Sandy ... gave me immediate answers to my questions ... gave me hope that we can move past his addiction ... gave me concrete action steps so I didn’t feel so powerless. Finally,I started to feel like myself again." - A.H.
Porn Addiction Survival Kit

Feel like your marriage has been shattered because your husband is a porn addict? 

Feeling devastated, ashamed, confused, and mad as hell?  

Life and Relationship Coach Sandy Brown has been there, and she's here to help you.

Wondering "What do I do now"?


Get answers.


Find hope.


Take concrete action.


Feel empowered.


Your go-to-guide for dealing with your husband's porn addiction. Get clear guidance for moving forward, regaining stability and reclaiming control over your life.

In this #1 Amazon best-seller, Life and Relationship Coach Sandy Brown has been there. Through her own recovery from her husband's porn addiction and her experience helping clients, Sandy has developed a process of recovery to empower women at a time when they feel powerless.

Porn Addict's Wife gives wives hope that their marriage can be saved and teaches clear action steps for taking control of their situation.  By providing resources for readers to get real help for both themselves and their spouse, it provides guidance for healing and rebuilding a normal life.